“Joint initiative of FONES, the Federal Commission of Experts on Data Processing and Data Security, ICTswitzerland, FITSU – MELANI, ISSS, SATW, SNV, SQS and SVV

Cyberattacks are now part of our daily lives. SMEs must therefore have a way to quickly determine whether their technical, organisational and staff-related measures can protect them adequately against cyber-risks. A high-calibre group of specialists has therefore developed a quick-check for this purpose.

More than 98% of companies in Switzerland are SMEs. They form the backbone of the Swiss economy. To secure their long-term success, SMEs must use digital technologies to integrate suppliers, employees and customers into their processes. This requires a growing networking of corporate infrastructure and data with the Internet. And that is associated with a dramatic increase in the risks from cyberspace.

More than a third of Switzerland’s SMEs have already been hit by cyberattacks”

Check it online: https://ictswitzerland.ch/en/themen/cyber-security/check/offline-check/

If you have not checked “yes” to all the questions, CIRISK would be please to help you.


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